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Yesterday’s war enemies are today’s allies.

I’m alarmed by the rapid change in this world since the invasion in Ukraine by Russia. The participants of WW2 are shifting and changing their military stance post war. Not only have I’ve been shocked by Germany’s announcement doubling their defense spending, which by the way, they have only done twice in the past 100 years which resulted in 2 world wars. Germany has also given military equipment to Ukraine which is out of their standard for a naturalist country since the fall of the Berlin wall. I’m also alarmed by Japan. The nation, which in my opinion suffered the most of any nation during WW2, is also shifting their neutralist stance. The only nation to experience a nuclear attack. Not one, but two. Now, Japan is thinking about hosting US nuclear weapons in their country. Both Germany and Japan’s announcement just a month ago would not have been imagined or even considered. Yesterday’s war enemies are today’s allies. Pastor Charles

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