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Recently, we had a dear friend and Reverend,Dean Sims deliver a word of the Lord to our body on a Sunday morning. Below is from Reverend Sims written account:

"I recently experienced in a dream or vision, a very troubling event. My spirit was very shaken with what I was being shown. The Rapture had taken place and many groups of people were weeping and screaming. Each group was chasing a certain individual. They were referring to them as Pastor. They were saying over and over, 'Pastor, Pastor, why, why did you not tell us that the return of the Lord was very near. You never told us what it would take to be prepared for His call.' This went on for sometime. The Pastors were unable to escape the railings and accusations of the people. After I woke up, it was very disturbing; what had taken place in my spirit. While in prayer God's Spirit said, "My Word Must Be Preached! Too Many are Failing to Obey!"

He that winneth souls is wise, not he who gathers the largest group". -Reverend Dean Sims

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